AltaterraAerialAltaterra Ltd is a large European manufacturer of Roof Windows, with sales in 30 countries, principally in Europe but also all over the world. We are a company with a rich provenance, part of a large group (VKR Group) with over 60 years' experience in manufacturing Roof Windows.

Dealing with us is easy. We offer a wide range of products which can facilitate the opportunity to present various options that suit your market, whether it be top of the range uPVC, a mid-priced range of quality timber windows, or our budget range of no-frills roof windows at the lowest prices on the market.



Our product offer to the market is based on five main concepts:

  • Dakea, our "flagship" brand - a top quality range with a large range of available sizes, unbeatable customer service and a great range of promotional activities.
  • RoofLITE, the "all-rounder" range – aggressive pricing with good all round value.
  • Balio – our "no frills" range – a fair quality window in a limited size range with the best pricing available on any given market.
  • Mix \\ Match – The possibility to purchase a complete range of category specific windows taken from the above product lines to match your requirements exactly.
  • Solstro - A consumer based site with a select range of online products 

We are a company that is built on a solid foundation of:

  • Financial stability – as part of the VKR Group we have a stellar rating
  • Product Quality – With a long history of manufacturing experience, ISO rated factories and top notch Quality Control with a zero defect tolerance, our windows stand up alongside the best available.
  • Environmental Responsibility - All our products are sourced from environmentally sound suppliers, with a cradle-to-grave accountability.
  • Market knowledge – As part of VKR Group (alongside VELUX, the market leader), we have an innate understanding of each market and the conditions which can optimise your sales.
  • Scalability – with access to the largest roof window manufacturing facility in the world, we have a cast-iron guarantee to be able to match spiralling demand, with no stock-outs or long order times. We are zero risk as a partner.

Uniquely, we offer an unparalleled opportunity for major companies to manage the entire category in partnership with us and VELUX on a market by market or pan-European basis. The advantages of partnering with our Group are proven in organisations across Europe, and cannot be found elsewhere. We offer a degree of flexibility that comes from listening to your needs and working together to maximise both sales and profitability.

If you would like to speak to someone from Altaterra about your specific needs, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get someone to contact you immediately.

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