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Dakea is simply the best offer for professionals in Europe. We have designed it to provide more features and a longer guarantee at lower prices than any other comparable products out there! It’s the best alternative out there.

A simple range of roof windows that aims to deliver maximum value at minimum cost. Well recognised in many markets in Europe, and a proven concept for over 20 years. RoofLITE+ is an economic solution for those who don’t want to compromise on quality.

BALIO recognises that there is a growing demand for a roof window range fitting every need as well as every budget. In response, we aim to maintain a product/service offer in the market which allows customers to only pay for what they actually need.

The best-in-class tailor made private label solutions where Altaterra has partnered up with the largest distributors to create unique brands. Brands developed under Mix & Match can be seen in all channels including DIY, professional and e-commerce.

A popular brand of roof window blinds seen in many DIY outlets across Europe. Valued for their multifit functionality, which makes them compatible with most roof window brands available today. Easy to choose, easy to install.

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