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We are so happy to have you here. As a company of doers, constantly challenging the market with innovative solutions, and brave souls, we are looking for people who are ready to disrupt the market.
Are you one of them?

What is it like to work at Altaterra?

Working at Altaterra is like running your own business. That means freedom and autonomy but also taking ownership and working hard.
We don’t tell you what to do by when and how! We expect you to come and tell us what is the best solution. Be ready to take some risk from time to time. If it doesn’t work, don’t accept the status quo. Rethink, build a new plan and try it until you’ve made it work!

To succeed you need to outperform and always remember that standard is not good enough. As we grow fast, opportunities come to those who work hard and contribute a lot. But you are never alone. We have succeeded because we are a team.

Altaterra is a great place to be for people who dare to be different…

Rise & shine
with us!

We are building a company that empowers people to RISE.
Every challenge is an opportunity to look for a better way.
Every new situation is a chance for self-improvement…
Every minute brings excitement, we don’t get bored.
Every action is your chance to create an impact, as we are a company of doers who go the extra mile.
With Altaterra’s support and possibilities to develop, we are destined to SHINE.

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Altaterra may have vacant roles in various countries concurrently but the process is conducted typically by the HR department centrally. Our recruitment process is fully compliant with GDPR and we store your CV and personal data based on your explicit consent, whatever channel is used in the process. We usually advertise our jobs through local agencies, sometimes ourselves but always locally in the specific country where the job is located. Altaterra operates an online Applicant Tracking System and your CV will land there, regardless the channel through which you apply.

Screening Process

To be a successful candidate you need to participate in a minimum of 2, typically 3, and sometimes 4 rounds of interviews, depending on the vacant role. Our process is almost fully remote and online, and mainly consists of video interviews. However, we believe in the added value of the personal meeting, which is beneficial for both parties, so the last round of the process is a personal interview if possible. We also use profiling tests and language checks – as and when appropriate – with the consent of the candidate.

How to apply

If you’ve seen a specific job ad from us, please apply through that channel. If you would like to share your CV with us regarding a possible future job opportunity in general, please apply HERE.

Please send a clear, structured English CV which reflects and presents your professional background and who you are.




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