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Altaterra releases
its first
Progress Update

May 10, 2023 | #Sustainability | 3 minute read

In May, Altaterra published its first Sustainability Progress Update. It contains details of the progress that has already been made, along with some key performance indicators showing the impact these changes have had and case studies of recent projects.

It has been eleven months since Altaterra launched its Sustainability Strategy WeCare, during which time the company has started the move from envisioning a more sustainable future and setting sustainability goals to taking the first steps towards achieving these.

As our CEO, Krzysztof Dudek, explained,

“In the pursuit of sustainability, we need to move from high-level targets to concrete,
tangible actions.”

    The progress to date

    In the area of Climate Action, we have started the process of switching to zero emission electric vehicles and have increased our share of EVs within the fleet from 7% to 12%. In terms of Sustainable Products, we have focused our attention on improving our packaging with a view to achieving zero plastic in the box and as of today, all our roof windows and skylight products’ primary packaging is plastic free.

    When it comes to securing responsible business, we have digitalised number of processes, such as agreement signoff or employee expense submission, to reduce our office paper use. We have also extended the use of responsibly sourced paper to our marketing print materials.

    As in past years, the WeCare team, a unit responsible for driving awareness internally about the WeCare strategy, continues being responsible for employee engagement in respect of sustainability at both work and private life.

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