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Altaterra WeCare Sustainability Strategy integrates with the VELUX Group’s Sustainable Corporate Strategy

April 29, 2024 | #Sustainability | 3 minute read

As part of the VELUX Group, the Altaterra WeCare Sustainability Strategy is now integrated within VELUX Group’s sustainable corporate strategy.

Sustainability is at the very core of everything the VELUX Group does. As a result, in 2023, VELUX made the change from having a separate sustainability strategy to fully integrating sustainability into their corporate strategy. This will help to ensure that sustainability is at the very heart of the Group and all aspects of the organisation. Specific goals of the VELUX Group’s Sustainability Strategy are to reduce emissions from operations by 100% (Scope 1 & 2) and halve emissions from the supply chain (Scope 3). Altaterra’s sustainability efforts are aligned with this strategy and its achievements are included in the VELUX Group’s reported results.

VELUX Group fully integrated its sustainability into its corporate strategy. This will help to ensure that sustainability is at the very heart of the Group and all aspects of the organisation.

To date, Altaterra has already introduced a number of successful initiatives designed to ensure it contributes to the Group’s sustainability targets. These include introducing zero-plastic packaging in 2022 for roof windows and skylights (extended to include flashings in 2023), switching 18% of its car fleet to electric vehicles (as of Apr 2024) and introducing a new travel policy in pursuit of reducing business-related flights. Altaterra has also reduced its office paper use and deployed the policy to accelerate the switch to sustainably sourced marketing materials. The Altaterra teams continue to work towards engaging partners and employees with sustainability initiatives.

Altaterra’s CEO, Krzysztof Dudek, explained,

 “Integrating WeCare with the Group’s sustainable corporate strategy will continue to support the Group’s sustainability progress”

For more information about how the VELUX Group works with sustainaiblity and the progress made to date, please visit:

Altaterra is part of the VELUX Group yet operates as an autonomous entity. The two companies have complementary identities and goals, that meet the needs of different market segments. While VELUX is a well-known roof window brand, Altaterra was established to make daylight and fresh air affordable to everyone, so that more families can enjoy well-being and a healthier life at home.

VELUX Group manufactures and supplies Altaterra products and all Altaterra production facilities and processes are part of VELUX Group’s operations including the supply chain, sourcing of raw materials and waste management.

Altaterra’s sustainability results are considered and incorporated into the VELUX Group’s sustainability data and reporting, including the Group’s commitments to reduce emissions, validated by the Science Based Targets initiative.

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