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How Altaterra’s purpose and DNA helped define a strategy to success

Nov 15, 2022 | #Strategy | 3 minute read

Over the last 20 years, Altaterra has achieved significant success, in part based on clarity about our purpose and identity. From these firm foundations, the Altaterra strategy for the next 10 years is ambitious and involves a clear plan to ensure we achieve our goals.

What’s in a name?

Altaterra is driven by a purpose to make daylight and fresh air affordable to everyone so that more families can enjoy well-being and a healthier life at home. The name “Altaterra” means higher ground and the company’s strapline is “Always look for a better way”. Altaterra colours were also chosen to represent the company’s values. Apart from illustrating a roof, the Altaterra logo includes an upward pointing arrow to suggest forward thinking.

Altaterra’s values behind the strategy

Altaterra’s strategy sets an ambitious goal for the future to quadruple turnover by 2032 by delivering affordable products and services that provide daylight and fresh air via the roof. The strategy is based on five principles, namely:

  • Accessible: to provide solutions that are affordable regardless of who you are, your budget and how you shop.
  • To listen: to understand and respect customer needs and allow them to shape Altaterra’s offering.
  • Agile: to operate a lean business model which allows Altaterra to be more responsive, faster and more cost efficient.
  • Simplicity: to make the lives of Altaterra’s partners and customers easier and hassle free.
  • Exemplary: to treat employees, customers and the planet better than most companies.

With a clear understanding of what needs to be achieved and how, work has now begun at Altaterra, focusing on four key areas: creating sustainable growth, providing great products and service through better customer connections, fostering lean operations to drive competitiveness and developing a Model Company.

Having a strong sense of identity and vision of what Altaterra wants to become, the next decade is set to be an interesting and exciting one.

A significant milestone

In 2022, Altaterra celebrated its 20th anniversary in Croatia with the coming together of 120 colleagues from over 10 countries.
This was an important milestone and a chance to both reflect on the company’s impressive achievements so far and acknowledge some ambitious plans for the future. 

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