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Roof windows donated to support war-affected regions of Ukraine

Nov 1, 2023 | #Community | 2 minute read

Altaterra donates 20 roof windows to the Polish BRDA Foundation for war-affected regions of Ukraine.

In August 2023, Altaterra donated 20 roof windows and flashings to the Polish BRDA Foundation for distribution by them to war-affected regions of Ukraine, for homes, shelters and schools.

The BRDA Foundation

The BRDA Foundation is a non-profit organisation that organizes social and humanitarian aid. They work with private entities as well as other non-profit organisations and local government. BRDA is part of Project Okno (Window) which collects reclaimed and new windows from across Poland and works with non-profit organisations in Ukraine to distribute the windows to where they are most needed. 

Grassroots needs

Window donations are particularly important in Ukraine, partly because Ukraine has limited glass production capacity and used to import the majority of its glass from Russia and Belarus. But windows are also one of the first things to shatter when an area is under attack and as temperatures start to drop in Ukraine, a lack of windows affects insulation, light, warmth and standards of living.

Altaterra first donated windows to this project last year and is delighted to support this important cause again. You can find out more about Altaterra’s involvement in this important project by watching this video:

About #WeCareForUkraine initiative

The #WeCareForUkraine is an initiative led by the WeCare Team, a voluntary unit responsible for sustainability and social responsibility at Altaterra. The team have previously been responsible for sending windows to a Ukrainian shelter in Slovakia to support 40 families in need, supporting 70 Ukrainian families in Warsaw, providing a city tour in the Sopron area for young refugees and organizing several internal fundraisers. Altaterra and the WeCare team continue to do what they can to support those affected by the war both within and beyond the borders of Ukraine.

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