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Responsible Business

Adopt sustainable business practices and engage stakeholders

50% reduction
of paper use in offices

We are committed to reducing our paper consumption across our three office premises and we are adopting new digital processes to reduce reliance on paper.

Sustainable sourcing of marketing materials

We are already using recyclable and recycled materials in our marketing merchandise wherever possible and by 2030, we commit to fully use only sustainable materials for the marketing items we order. We are eliminating all single-use plastics also.

Only responsibly sourced paper use for print marketing materials

At the start of 2022, we switched to responsibly sourced paper for all print marketing materials. We are now working with suppliers who ensure any paper we use is recycled or responsibly sourced.

Engage and support B2B customers and partners in reaching their sustainability targets

We will be spreading the word about sustainability practices within the construction industry and encouraging and assisting our partners and customers to set and achieve their own sustainability targets.

Employee engagement towards becoming sustainability catalysts

In 2019, we set up the WeCare Team, which is responsible for driving awareness of and engagement with our sustainability strategy within the walls of Altaterra.

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