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Time to reflect on the past, but also to look to the future

Feb 5, 2022 | #CEONews | 2 minute read

We are living through exciting if challenging times, and the beginning of a new year is always a good time to look back on the experiences of the past, whilst setting our goals and our plans for the future.

Challenging success

The last 12 months were certainly a very turbulent period in which the exceptionally high demand for our products pushed the entire organisation to the limit, in particular in respect of our supply chain, logistics and customer service.

The ability to react quickly to the changing environment, along with the flexibility and exceptional commitment of the entire team made it possible to maintain regular deliveries of all products for most of the year. Extremely dynamic growth of sales and therefore record results in all product categories confirm that our clients see us as a stable business partner, and the users of our products appreciate light and fresh air in their homes.

Thank you for that!

Prioritising health

Making the health of all our colleagues a priority at the beginning of last year, meant we decided to switch to remote work for most departments, and in the following months to move towards a more permanent hybrid mode. After the initial period of adaption, this change in our way of working, initially forced by external factors, has turned out to be beneficial both for employees and the organisation. I strongly believe that in many areas business needs can be successfully reconciled with a flexible working system.

Time to celebrate

Last year was unique in one more respect – Altaterra celebrated its 20th anniversary! We celebrated this by commemorating the events and people thanks to whom we have managed to achieve so much. We have also committed to setting ourselves new challenges and goals for the next decade to make the next 10 years even more exciting.

“While our goals have been set at an ambitious but achievable level, we are ready for what is ahead!”

Ambitious but well prepared

Everything indicates that the coming months will be as unpredictable as last year. While our goals have been set at an ambitious but achievable level, we are bound to encounter many unexpected difficulties along the way and we must be ready to adapt quickly. Supply chain challenges, raw material costs and labour costs are slowing down an accelerating construction market driven by the need for new homes, renovations and thermo-modernisation. However, having a vast bank of experience from the last months, we are ready for whatever is ahead!

Preparing for further dynamic development in 2022 and the years after, we also plan to gradually increase employment in most departments including logistics and finance. We will also invest in key markets by developing our sales, customer service and after sales / technical teams. We expect improved efficiency of the organisation and individual processes as a result of introducing new digital tools to our business and developing the digital competences of our employees.

A sustainable strategy

As part of the VKR Group and as a Model Company, Altaterra’s care for the natural environment is a central philosophy, and we aim to ensure our products have a positive impact on people by providing light and fresh air. We are also determined to take the next step, which is why we spent the last few months refining a sustainable strategy that will set ambitious goals in all areas of the organisation. Details of the strategy, which will include CO2 emission reductions along with other long-term goals, will be presented in the coming weeks.

With all the above in mind, I would like to thank our committed employees and loyal partners once again for working together in 2021. Looking forward to the months ahead with a sense of anticipation, I wish you all good health.

About Altaterra
Altaterra was founded in 2001 and is a European market leader within the private label roof window sector as well as owner of the Dakea, RoofLITE+, Fenstro, Balio and Contrio brands. Our mission is to offer affordable daylight solutions and outstanding but flexible customer support, creating and delivering the best possible solutions that meet, and exceed our customer needs.

Altaterra is a Model Company owned by VKR Holding A/S and a sister company to VELUX®. VKR has 80 years of experience in the roof window sector and are limited company wholly owned by non-profit, charitable foundations and family which also provide funding for non-profit projects with scientific, cultural, artistic, environmental and social purposes.

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